Peak Performance Prize Winning Paintings From The 11th Annual Watermedia Showcase

By Christine Alfery | January 29, 2020

By Anne Hevener/ Watercolor Artist Magazine

There was no shortage of paintings worthy of celebration in this year’s Watermedia Showcase; the trouble was limiting the number to nine. Our congratulations to the artists whose work rose to the top of a large and competitive pool. The paintings receiving recognition exhibit not only a high level of technique and skill in watermedia, they demonstrate something much more elusive- they have heart. We’re happy to share- in the artists’ own words- the creative stories behind their award-winning works.




Migration (acrylic and watercolor on paper, 20 x 60)

My “Migrations” series began in Northern Canada, while thinking about the migrating caribou which led to other migrating critters. The series has expanded to the migration of people, and the how and why they go from one point to another. We all travel. How and why we take a journey I find very interesting. – Christine Alfery- Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin