Visual Resume

Born An Artist

“she put me at the easel
where I would create delightful forms and drips of wonderful primary colors”

In kindergarten Christine’s torn paper snowman won first place in the all school art show.  Christine attributes her very first teacher with the foresight to note that Christine learned visually.  “I can remember sitting at a table with just my kindergarten teacher while all my classmates napped – my teacher knew I couldn’t sit long enough to nap - so she put me at the easel where I would create delightful forms and drips of wonderful primary colors.”  

Christine was blessed with teachers who recognized and supported her visual learning style.  From her earliest memories, Christine was an artist.

As early as the 1960’s Christine’s artwork was featured in art fairs throughout the Midwest. Popular themes included landscapes in various media.

“I remember this work so clearly - there were hidden jewels and precious finds wrapped.  

It was like a treasure hunt for the viewer.”

An Explosion of Success & Creativity

In the early 1980’s Christine was discovered and her professional career as an artist began. Christine worked exclusively with a distributor out of the New York area. She thrived with exploration and experimentation as she created artwork to meet the seemingly endless appetite of interior designers and corporate collectors. “This was the period when I learned how to paint freely and openly”.  During this period Christine created primarily large colorful canvas acrylics. She also began experimenting with various media including handmade paper, textile, acrylic, watercolor and more.

“This was the period when I learned how to paint freely and openly”

Meeting the Demand

While Christine’s popularity allowed her to thrive, she also found that collectors had specific requests; Glitz sold - so she included gold and glitter, landscapes sold - so more landscapes were created.  During this time Christine created and sold thousands of original works, focusing mostly on large acrylic works on canvas.

 Artistically, Christine continued to explore, while working to fulfill the desires of her collectors.  She created color palettes and hired studio artists as she struggled to keep up with demand - she barely had time to sign her artwork.  But her success had an unfortunate downside.

“I realized I was just making art to match someone’s couch. . .
it was reducing the value of my artwork”

Christine realized her success was limiting her creativity. “I realized I was just Christine realized her success was limiting her creativity. “I realized I was just making art to match someone’s couch - repeating the works that were good sellers,” Christine says about this time.“It was reducing the value of my artwork and taking away from my creativity. It was time to move on.”

Success on Her Own

In the early 90’s Christine began working for herself.  She opened a showroom in High Point North Carolina and worked with over 30 sales representatives who sold her artwork around the country.  “I began exploring again” creating new styles and trying new mediums and techniques.

“I began exploring again

The Troubling Question

As Christine’s popularity continued, she once again found she was repeating themes that sold in order to fulfill the desires of her collectors.  The artist asked herself the troubling question –“ is this my dream? “  The answer was no. In the mid 90’s  Christine made the difficult decision to completely leave the interior design business, close her showroom, and go back to school, stating “I needed to find my soul again”.

Academia & Experimentation

Through 2009 Christine studied and  taught at the University of Wisconsin, Madison earning multiple post-graduate degrees. She completely stopped selling, and rather sought creativity and authenticity in her artwork.  Building upon her extensive oeuvre, her style continued to evolve and mature, and she felt free to push boundaries.  Experimental works from this time remain in her personal collection.

Maturity that Comes from a Lifetime of Artistry

The culmination of a lifetime of creativity, successes, learning and continuously seeking led Christine to her current studio in Northern Wisconsin.  Here she continues to explore watercolor on paper, large canvas works, and any other medium that sparks her imagination. Her markings, which she once considered doodles, have begun to take on a life of their own in her artwork.  Her current oeuvre embodies a maturity exemplified by those few artists who continue to curate inspiration through a lifetime of artistry.    

today 12
today- 10
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For the last 10+ years, Christine has exhibited and competed in juried shows around the world. To date, she has won over 100 national awards and has been published in over 60 publications . She is a signature member of 10 national watercolor societies.

Christine continues to exhibit and sell locally and nationally at prominent art events such as The Art Expo of New York, SOFA in Chicago, ART Spectrum during Art Basel in Miami and other juried national and international shows. Christine is a prominently featured artist of the Northwoods Art tour and the curator of the Howard Young Art Gallery, supporting the visual arts in her local community.

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