Art Reflecting Life Reflecting Art

By Lisa Freedman

Christine Alfery wears many hats. Living an inspiring life that inspires her art, her work reflects her life.
And might I say she seems to excel in everything she endeavors to do. Wife, Mother, Artist, Writer, Poet, Teacher, Outdoorsman, Adventure seeker…

On a recent trip to the Northwest Territories of Canada, including Eagles Nest River and Kasba Lake (above), Christine looks right at home catching a Trophy 18# Lake Trout as she does painting in her studio!

The trip inspired her newest series on Rivers. All of which relates to so many of the other themes we find in her work – Traveling, Journeys, Nature…

One thing is for sure, she brings a positive and passionate spirit to everything she accomplishes, which might well explain why she does excel in everything she engages in, not to mention the extraordinary energy, momentum and vision she brings to everything she touches – which is never more apparent than as it is reflected through her art work.

Following are just a few of the paintings inspired by her recent adventures.

Snowshoe River, 14×14, Watermedia on Watercolor paper

Eagles Nest River and Terns : Kasba Lake, Canada, 14×14, Acrylic on paper

Fishing, Fishing, Fishing (above left); Turins Diving for Fish (above right)
each 14×14, Watermedia on Watercolor paper

Spirit of the Land, 14×14, Watermedia on Watercolor paper

Spirit of the Land II, 14×14, Watermedia on Watercolor paper

Rain, Sun, Fog (above left) and Rocks, Rocks and More Rocks (above right)
each 14×14, Watermedia on Watercolor paper

Inukshuk – Spirits That Have Lingered, 14×14, Watermedia on Watercolor paper


Christine’s work is available as originals or prints. To inquire about her work, visit her e-commerce site:

To read about her adventures, musings, travels, and thoughts about art and life, you may visit and subscribe to her blog, 



Christine Alfery has been creating and selling her art since the 1960’s. In the 1990’s she was a creative force on the national interior design scene. As her style has evolved, so has the interest, intrigue and demand for her work. Christine’s paintings have been widely exhibited in museums, galleries and in corporate and private collections throughout the United States and the world.

Her artistic style shows a maturity that comes from a lifetime of creative exploration. Christine’s “experimental abstractions” are filled with playful iconic symbols which enable her to “integrate the real with the abstract.” Christine is deeply influenced by the abstract expressionists, including: Hans Hofman, Mark Rothko, Elaine and Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Joan Mitchell, Helen Frankenthaler and Cy Twombly, to name a few, yet her style is uniquely her own.

Christine earned her Bachelors of Science degree, her Master’s degree in Education, her MFA degree and her Ph.D in Contemporary Art History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
She shows her contemporary, conceptual watercolor and acrylic paintings nationally and internationally. She competes in watercolor competitions around the world. Christine has won over 100 national awards and is a signature member of 10 national watercolor societies throughout the United States. She has been in more than 65 publications.

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