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Posts by Christine Alfery

Aesthetic Moment  

Once There Were Green Fields

The wind is moving through the woods.  The trees are singing a wing song. Some of the notes are deep.  They sound like rushing water across rocks and pebbles in a mountain creek.  These deep notes are mingled with a rustling sound. It reminds me of the sound of sandpaper across a beautiful piece of …

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The Soul of Art

On My Way to the Circus

Does the work speak to your soul?

What has happened to the idea that a person’s value (worth) is not gained through the networks she travels and associates with but, rather, a person’s value (worth) is what it is because of their own merit and for what they’ve done?  Why is it that a person only …

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Smooth Rocks from Lake Superior

Jewels in the Water

Smooth rocks from Lake Superior carved by the waves of that powerful water.  A crystal clear cold water, always causes a little shiver to run through my body when I dig my toes into the sand and pebbles that line it’s shore.  That water is so powerful it naturally tumbles the brown stone rocks …

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What a Shame

Crash Greyling by Christine Alfery

Copy – Sameness – Universal

There are places within art theory and discourse form where the words “copy” and “sameness” appear. I have been reading a book called “Pattern and Decoration” that outlines that perhaps these ideas could fit into art theory and discourse.  The idea is that many crafts persons created works that were considered, …

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Take me Home, ToTo

Put on your ruby slippers, click the heels together, close your eyes and make a wish. 

Take me home ToTo.

The Journey Series.  Christine Alfery 

Life is a journey. It’s full of ups and downs.  I frequently describe it as a roller coaster ride.  We are in it for the ride and we should always try to make …

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Free from Limits


Art is an idea that should be LIMITED by NOTHING at all.  It’s an idea that is filled with freedom and creativity. Art is an idea, an idea that comes from an artist’s mind which should never be fenced in or caged.  An artist’s mind needs to be free.

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Fluid, Flow, Freedom

I think the hardest thing to do as a person and as an artist is to understand yourself and your soul. It’s hard to truly understand who you are, instead of what someone else thinks you should be, or what they think you are.  How someone else thinks an artist is or should be and …

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The Majestic Pine and the Squirrel

Dragon Kite

I watched a squirrel this morning as she climbed almost to the top of the tallest pine tree in our woods.  The pine is a very stately tree that has survived windstorms, tornadoes, heavy wet snows, and freezing rains.  Freezing rains and heavy wet snows are the worst.  Freezing rain, when it goes on and …

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Sameness is Universalness


I have never wanted to be like another. So, when I began thinking about just what was the concept of universalness, I was surprised to come to the conclusion that sameness and universalness are the same thing.  

I used to think about universalness in this way, through my faith.  We all needed to believe as I …

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Finding Meaning

Falling Water Spirits

Life is full of the known and unknown. What could be more exciting than a life that is filled with ups and downs, the knowns and unknowns, and finding a meaning for your life and then following it. It makes no difference if your meaning  isn’t like what others are doing. It makes no difference …

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Just What is an Artist?

Never Look Back

I believe an artist is never just one of the sheep in a herd of sheep. An artist should never feel that they are one in many but rather, they are one within themselves. They should know they are an individual, unique and one of a kind.  If artists don’t honestly recognize a powerful creative …

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Getting Back to Unique

The Healer

Aesthetic – the word aesthetic throughout art history has been highly debated because the meaning behind the word was beauty.  The question became, whose beauty. Which beauty was the most beautiful? In the 60’s, artists presented anything but a uniform understanding of aesthetic.  There was never the most beautiful – there were always many kinds …

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