Change is hard. 


Throughout art history, change was rejected – the rules of “good art” were clear. With the birth of modern art the rules began to change, and as I argued in part one, today we value change in art. We seek change – it holds power over the creative efforts of the art world.


That …

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The only thing constant in this world is change. 


In today’s art world, we value change – value is assigned to those who have a new idea: leaders of ever evolving art movements, those with an easily recognizable style different from all the others, the creation of a new technique, discovery of a new way of …

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I was blogging about change when everything in the world suddenly changed.


I didn’t do it on purpose, I swear, but just as I finished my blogs on change . . . everything in the world began to change.  So much change, so much uncertainty, and all if it so quickly – it leaves us unsettled, …

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I recently saw this meme on Facebook: 


These two different Mona Lisa artworks highlight how we often think of the concept of art as a singularity – when really there are many levels of creation. 


You can think of the levels of creation as a layered chocolate cake. Which level is the best? Is it the succulent …

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Two ideas inspire and challenge me to paint every day: freedom and individuality. If I can’t find these two ideas – in myself, in my hand, in the uniqueness of my work – then an artwork is not successful for me.

What do I mean by freedom?  Freedom needs to be as open …

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Our wills are such 

Strong powerful spirits 

Within our souls.  


They feed us with


And energy

Sometimes they  

Challenge Us



We should just let them 

And allow the


In the beauty

Of a


To take over 


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Legendary War photographer, Don McCullin, spoke to Artnet News about his landscape photographs, on view at Hauser & Wirth Somerset. 

“I am a photographer, not an artist . . . I don’t make art. I use composition, but it is not art.”

As an artist, I couldn’t agree more. Composition is important, but it doesn’t determine the …

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I recently spent time fishing off the coast of Costa Rica.  From the boat, the rainforest looks like a dense, thick, impenetrable green.  When the land meets the vast never-ending openness of the sky and ocean, I was awe-struck at the immense contrast between the two.  


Human existence is full of contrast – people see things …

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I read a lot.  Especially academic papers. Why do I love to read densely worded long academic papers?  The words. I love to break down sentences and think about how loaded some words are. Academic papers are full of hidden political jargon that I find fascinating.  Academics really know how to use words to their …

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I love Sol Lewitt’s Sentences on Conceptual Art.  His very first thought especially:

Conceptual artists are mystics rather than rationalists. They leap to conclusions that logic cannot reach.

Ideas are spontaneous.  Clusters of ideas create concepts.  WE have to be careful that the development of concepts does not overshadow the original unconstrained inspirational freedom of the …

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