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Congratulations Christine Alfery

Circle foundation For the Arts Lyon France. Circle Foundation for the Arts was created in 2017. Our office is located in Lyon, France and we function as an international arts platform. We annually represent no more that 300 visual artists in our online gallery. Although many artists apply for membership,...
Cony Island Ride

NorthStar Watercolor Society

Christine Alfery has earned signature status within the national NorthStar Watermedia Society. To earn signature status into this society, the artist needs to be juried into 3 of their national exhibitions. Christine's entry "Roller Coaster/Coney Island Ride" was accepted into their 2019 Fifth Annual NorthStar National Juried Art Exhibition in...
Escape by Christine Alfery

Conceptual Art

I am in love - totally in love with Sol LeWitts Sentences on Conceptual Art. Here are the few sentences - I am sure, well I hope anyway that you recognize me in this sentence - 1. Conceptual artists are mystics rather than rationalists. They leap to conclusions that logic...
Falling Down Climbing Up by Christine Alfery
40x30  watercolor and acrylic on paper

Freedom – Clusters and Uniqueness

Freedom: “Noun. The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.” - Oxford Dictionary As an individual, I have dreams. We all do.  We have big dreams, little dreams, and impossible dreams.  Dreams drive us, define us, and defy us. You can spend...

The Dove

As I watched the late evening stars fade into the morning sky, a morning dove approached the bird feeders that I had just filled.  Cautious, watching other birds fly in, grab their morning seeds and fly away, the dove waited for her turn. Then, when all was clear, she approached...
Oceans Deep

Breaking Through

If you have visited Art Basel Miami and the satellite fairs, you may have experienced “Art Overload.”  Aisle after aisle, row after row, tent after tent, and gallery after gallery, I found myself wondering,  "All this art, all these galleries, all these artists, how does any one of them survive?"  ...

Art Basel Part III

While walking through an Exhibition at Art Miami Week during Art Basel, I was drawn to a booth with a partially unrolled canvas hanging from the top of the booth wall. Upon closer investigation I discovered an artist had painted the entire roll of canvas and it was being sold...
banana 2

Banana Part 2

"A banana is worth more than us' : Maurizio Cattelan's $120k fruit art has sparked an uprising among Miami's overpaid janitors" - Art World Buyers of Maurizio Cattelan's $120,000 Banana defend the work as 'the unicorn of the art world,' comparing it to Warhol's soup cans" - Art World Art...

Banana Part 1

Banana Part I Have you heard about the banana duct taped to the wall at Art Basel?  Yes, a banana was duct taped to the wall. While at Basel, my daughter and I became one of the many in a crowd of folks who stood in line to have our...
Flying Circus

Imagination Feeds The Soul

Art needs to reveal something alive.  Art needs to fertilize the imagination.  The imagination feeds the soul. The soul asks questions, discovers, and explores.  Art, the process of creating, is life itself.
Sunshine And Rainbows


America is about freedom.  America is about independence.  America is about individualism. America is about not allowing others to do for you what you can do for yourself. So how ever did the notion of freedom become linked with not figuring things out by yourself? The notion of being an...
Cony Island Ride

Pausing Art History II

In looking for the next stand out movement to write about in the art history books, many art historians have latched on to the concept of a postmodern movement.  And, they have defined that postmodern movement as different from modernism, mainly though collective designs and collaborations of an art work....