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The Scale - The Machine - The Natural by Christine Alfery

Expanding and Exploring: New Marks, New Materials, New Ideas, New Series

This is one of the early works from my new series Nature vs. Fabrication. This series will explore the dichotomy of natural creation vs. man-made. Although they are in contrast, you can't have one without the other.  Balance is the key.  With the start of a new series comes exploration...

Absorbing the Northwoods

Every holiday our lake explodes with unnaturalness. Jet ski’s go whizzing by pontoon boats slowly cruise the shoreline and loud voices shout over the noise of the engine.  I watch them from my Adirondack chair and I ask – don’t you see?  Don’t you understand the Northwoods – there is...
The Tree of Life by Christine Alfery

Will I Change Today?

Every morning, absolutely every morning, when everything is so fresh and I begin my day, I feel the world is so beautiful and life is so beautiful and so short. Yesterday the leaves on the trees were the size of a squirrel's ears and today they are as big as...
Oceans Deep by Christine Alfery

Constellation Mark Making

A collector asked “I noticed some of your works have dots connected with lines that remind me of constellations in the sky.  Are these constellations?  Is this a new mark in your works?” Detail from “Our Connections” by Christine Alfery These are a new collection of marks that have been...
Space by Christine Alfery

Reaching for the Stars

The art that we create is not to build a legacy, it is not a monument to shout that I was here – to let others know I lived in this time. The creation, the paper, the stone, the canvas, the clay, the object is not what lasts forever. The...
The Wheels Keep Turning by Christine Alfery


As artists we are familiar with the three letters N.F.S., not for sale.  Our spirits, our hearts, our souls, our minds, should all have those three letters branded in place.  Our spirits, our hearts, our souls, our minds, are not for sale. The morning air has a warm secure feeling...

Picasso’s Copies

In my essays I have explored the question “what is art” - often by exploring what is NOT art.  My explorations have often concluded that art is a representation of an artist’s original and unique idea rather than something copying an idea already had by another.     In the...


Suspension aka Bridge Over Troubled Waters aka Suspension Bridge 40x30  Water Media on 300# Arches Watercolor Paper Several months ago I was invited to participate in an exhibition to raise funds for the Center for the Visual Arts in Wausau, Wisconsin.  Artists were asked to choose from a collection of...
We Are Connected by Christine Alfery
Water media, 20x11

Essence of Nothing

In order to be a conceptual abstract artist, you have to be comfortable with conceptual abstract ideas.  As a result I love philosophical thought.   I follow a philosopher named David Proud on LinkedIn.  I always enjoy his posts as they are always a challenge - and I like that. He...
Fleur Azure by Christine Alfery

Is a Painting of Flowers Conceptual Art?

I am a conceptual abstract artist. What does that mean?  Well, The Oxford Dictionary defines conceptual as “related to or based on ideas” and abstract as “existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence.” Both focus on ideas rather than concrete form or...
Flowers From My Garden II

Fresh Flowers From The Garden

My painting "Fresh Flowers From The Garden" was accepted in the juried Illinois Watercolor Society National Show 2020 and has been awarded the Creative Spirit Award. This national exhibition, like all the other national exhibitions all over the country  have done since the shut down, is online.  A very different...
Lilies II

Artists defining Art asked “What Makes an Artist Professional?” “According to Marcel Duchamp, the artist defines art. And it seems increasingly true that nowadays artists also define who and what they are. Definitions by nature are confining and restrictive, while art and its makers seek to be expansive and inclusive. … And...