Our wills are such 

Strong powerful spirits 

Within our souls.  


They feed us with


And energy

Sometimes they  

Challenge Us



We should just let them 

And allow the


In the beauty

Of a


To take over 


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I love Sol Lewitt’s Sentences on Conceptual Art.  His very first thought especially:

Conceptual artists are mystics rather than rationalists. They leap to conclusions that logic cannot reach.

Ideas are spontaneous.  Clusters of ideas create concepts.  WE have to be careful that the development of concepts does not overshadow the original unconstrained inspirational freedom of the …

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During a recent museum visit I noticed how many 60’s modernist painters began by outlining their compositions with black paint or pencil. Those artists who made a general outline and then filled them with color it reminded me of “coloring” in a coloring book. Other artists completely obliterated the lines and went outside their original …

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Recently I visited the Milwaukee Art Museum.  Whenever I visit an art museum I head straight for the contemporary section to check out what is up, what is new, and to study what has been done in the past.  I love the fact that the smaller museums have huge collections that they rotate periodically.   


During this …

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This is not Wall Art

What is the difference between Art and Wall Art?

I should know,  I used to sell Wall Art.  It was a chapter in my artistic journey where I learned how to paint and how to become a full time professional artist. During that time, I sold Wall Art to large department stores like …

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Escape by Christine Alfery

I am in love – totally in love with Sol LeWitts Sentences on Conceptual Art.

Here are the few sentences – I am sure, well I hope anyway that you recognize me in this sentence –

1. Conceptual artists are mystics rather than rationalists. They leap to conclusions that logic cannot reach.

2. Rational judgments repeat rational judgments.

3. …

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On Top Of The World_ 22x30

The value of art does not come from how popular the work of art is.  In fact,  it’s likely that art looses its value when it is popularized. 

So if art net news is correct saying that there is an art  industry, and I do believe they are,  how does a work become known …

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Folks often ask how I come up with the titles of my work.  When I first began to paint, I thought that the titles and even my signature interfered with the essence of the selfness and purity of the work and what the work was to become and be.  The work needed to be a …

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Cony Island Ride

Staring down at a blank canvas,  a black white sheet of paper, I notice a familiar tension gathering in my soul and in my body.  That first mark, is so important.  

I relish this beginning tension.  It makes my whole body alive, awake and excited for the struggle that is about to begin.  The tension between …

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My process is to plant a seed and allow it to germinate and take root.  This allows my thoughts and ideas to cross-fertilize and engage with each other and the material elements in the work.  I push these elements in my work in new directions over the entire process of creating it. And in turn, …

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The Wall Street Journal always has some very interesting reading in the arts section. On November 9th, 2019 Ingela Ratledge Asundson wrote an article titled “When It All Starts With Art”.  I would like to share it with you all. Generally, for the most part, folks share articles with others because it makes a point …

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Rise Up by Christine Alfery, 2017 13 x 19 Mixed media

The most recent Artnet News magazine has a cover story headline titled “Art As Industry.”  I ask, “Is art an industry? Should art be considered an industry?”

In the past, there are those who believed that art would be compromised/ controlled if it was: created for money, controlled by what others liked, what was popular, a …

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