Chicago is called the “Windy City” but I couldn’t hear the wind this past weekend when I was there.  I couldn’t hear the snow landing on the rooftops of buildings. 

Yesterday, when I was having my morning coffee outside in the cold all bundled up, I heard the wind.  It was dancing with the …

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Once There Were Green Fields

The wind is moving through the woods.  The trees are singing a wing song. Some of the notes are deep.  They sound like rushing water across rocks and pebbles in a mountain creek.  These deep notes are mingled with a rustling sound. It reminds me of the sound of sandpaper across a beautiful piece of …

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The Way Out


An abstract work of art is unpredictable not only for the artist as she creates the work, but also for the viewer when they become engaged with the work.  

Conceptual abstract work for me is not based on a moral value, that would be able to soon become a political value, rather …

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Northwoods, 48×54 Acrylic on Canvas

How different the sounds a squirrel makes in the woods when traveling from tree top to tree top.  First the leaves ripple and make a sound like the wind, and then it stops way more abruptly than the wind. And starts again.  Then there is the sliding, …

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wind cruises by
leaves quiver,
twirling, uplifted
solid shaded grey mass
clouds above drift
foretelling rain
birds songs explode
quiet of the morning

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She Leaves, 30×42 Mixed Media on Paper

Aesthetic Moment 208 To See to Hear

The leaves quiver, twirl are uplifted as the winds caresses them again the background of a solid shaded grey mass of clouds drifting above. Birds song explode in the quiet of early morning. Everything is wonderfully, gloriously alive.

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Flowers from My Garden Purple, 12×12 Watermedia on paper

To see something.  Purple, pink, lupus – against rusty orange, gamboge yellow lilies and fuchsia, red, coral inpatients. Summer garden glowing.

Planting flowers in a garden is like planting colors in a painting.  The colors delight our eyes, trigger our sight to something rare, …

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The Aesthetic Sense

Sun playing in the


Motley light

Vibrant morsels

Golden white


Diamonds nestle floating between

the leaves

Radiant gushing life

The day begins


Visit Christine’s Studio this weekend, July 26th, July 27th & July 28th from 10am-5pm each day.

See and experience her woods and the transcendental serenity of her woods during the Northwoods Art Tour,


Artists and Their Senses

Some artists should …

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Alone on a Cliff, 20×60 watercolor and acrylic on paper

Wonderful aesthetic experience this morning. Sitting in my Adirondack chair in the back yard as I do every morning when drinking my first cup of coffee listening to the silence looking into the woods deep. A fledgling robin landed on the grass. Spots …

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