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Does Art Belong to the Individual/Artist or to Society?

"Crumpled Paper"  acrylic on canvas 36x52 There has never really been a need for art. Especially, as we understand the concept of art today. Visual images, including 3-dimensional images are used and talked of today as a visual language, an historical document, a political ideology, a psychological outlet, so if...

How I Became an Artist

"Going Home" 48x64 Acrylic on Canvas I was never very good at anything. I couldn’t read, I hated math, science did not suit me. Why? I believe I have always been a visual learner, I could not learn like a normal kid. And I was dyslexic. Back then when I...

The Identifying Key in Art

"It's a Small World" 64x64 - Watercolor on canvas. So how can one find “self” express “self” in their work? The criteria haven’t changed, uniqueness, originality, independence, freedom. What has changed is how those ideas are currently controlled or governed. To pursue self in art one must treat others as...

How Does One Find “Self” and “Art?”

"Totem and Fireflies" - 22x30 watercolor on paper Self and art need a purpose to be. They cannot just be the “in the moment” of aesthetics there is no purpose of in the moment other than that moment, there needs to be more. The self and the artist need to...
ruby red road

The Self and Art

"The Red Road" 22x30 watercolor on paper An artist needs to know themselves, their limitations, their strengths in order to care for and create true art. The self needs to be transformed from the collective selves that exist in social constructions created to create an idea of self. So many...
Boogie On Out

Do we create our realities? OR does reality exist whether we create it or not?

Boogie On Out - 14x14 watercolor and ink on paper Part of the Precious Jewels Series Remember the age old philosophical question? If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it fall does it make a sound? One can extend the question to does the tree exist,...
30" x 42"
Mixed Media On Paper

How Do We Know It’s Art?

"Galaxy" 22x30 - watercolor To know something is knowledge. So how do we know something? Do we use words, numbers to know something? Words and numbers can be manipulated to suit desires and needs. So we may know something that is based on desires and needs, but that isn’t a...

Art Needs to Be Valued

What should art be within our culture? There is no question that there will be many diverse answers to that question. Some see art as a social tool to manipulate a political agenda, others see it as something mystical that appears out of nowhere and is beautiful, others see art...
Ruby's Red Road Ride

What Ever Has Happened to “Play”?

Mike the Mallard, Flash Gordan's Power Rocket, Jenny Dolls I was in an antique shop recently, just meandering through the antiques that allowing them to stir up memories from my youth, from my family, from my foundations. There was a 7” doll that caught my attention wearing a little green...
Chasing the Wind

Repetition in Art

Digital Art Critiqued Beauty cannot be repeated. The aesthetic cannot be repeated. The wind is never the same, nor is the rain. We can think by classifying events, like wind, rain we repeat this the words wind and rain. We communicate this way. We all understand what wind and rain...
Searching for Life's Precious Jewels

Authenticity In Art

Artists stylize reality. Artists take the metaphysical, something that can never be anything other than what it is, water is water, flowing water in a creek, trees, trees moving in the wind, sun rising, sun setting are all examples of the metaphysical. Artists isolate what is important to them and they stress...

Where Is The Truth In Art? What Is The Truth In Art?

Could the truth in art be the identification of the facts of what art is? If we don’t identify what art is … is there no truth in art? Does art need a truth? If it needs identification, what is art, then it needs a truth. There is a constant...