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Sunflower VII

Is Art Like Life?

A couple of weeks ago I stated that I was again thinking about "what is art?" Tough question and Hedy Mainmann reponded that art is like life. I ask is art really like life? She isn't the only person who has made that statement. It is a simple statement but the complexity of thought...
Eagle's Nest

Is competition bad for art?

Well thanks bunches Jeffrey Pergament - and here you are on my articles page. Jeffrey Pergament made a comment about a work of mine (Eagles Nest - see above) and artists competing - here is my reply to him Re competing with other artists - I just read a short bleep...
Ruby's Red Road Ride

Freedom – the no hands approach to making art

Remember when you could ride your bike and it was your vehicle to freedom, your means to get away and journey to places that only you, well you thought only you, knew about? Remember the joy and the fear of starting at the top of a hill, and gliding down...
Figuring It Out

Kandinsky and Rhythm

Wassily Kandinsky continued. How to Be an Artist, According to Wassily Kandinsky For the past three posts I have been making comments on an ARTSY EDITORIAL BY RACHEL LEBOWITZ JUN 12TH, 2017 7:07 PM. This is post 4 on "How to Be an Artist, According to Wassily Kandinsky." Lesson #4...
Chasing the Wind

How to Be an Artist, According to Wassily Kandinsky

ARTSY EDITORIAL BY RACHEL LEBOWITZ JUN 12TH, 2017 7:07 PM Lesson #2. Don’t paint things. Paint in abstract form. Don’t paint things, but rather paint in abstract form, the editorial by Rachel Lebonwitz went on to say, “Monet’s now -iconic haystacks were an early influence on Kandinsky, who was struck by...

The Individual Artist and the Collective Concept of Freedom

There are five lessons here from Kandinsky - I will just comment on one today. "Kandinsky did not intend for his theories to be prescriptive. Artmaking, he insisted, was about freedom. Nevertheless, there are several lessons that artists should heed if they are to meet Kandinsky’s requirements. We start with...
Searching for Life's Precious Jewels


When I begin working in the visual space of abstraction where imaginaries and concepts are floating around, I attempt to create a visual space where my free will makes choices as to what I want to see and what I want others to see. That is where my training comes...
Trip To The Beach

Does Art Matter Any More?

The foundations I have and that I work with when I create a work of art are always challenging me. For example the notion of all art being subjective - as an expressionist I used to live an die by that notion, but lately I have noticed that the foundations...
10x10 acrylic on paper

Creative Muse-ings

wonderfully sun wonderfully sun opening the sky fogs shadow softly is no more   What is is that drives a creative person? Why is it I don't stop, imagining, making, creating no matter what? This blog will be about what drives me as an artist to create, why I can't...
Hallelujah Mountains

Blog Statement

This blog is intended to be inspirational, it is also intended to make one think about art in the 21st century and to point out how we know and understand art is changing. Hopefully it will stimulate current thinking about the arts, and at the same time be inspirational. In...