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Sameness is Universalness

I have never wanted to be like another. So, when I began thinking about just what was the concept of universalness, I was surprised to come to the conclusion that sameness and universalness are the same thing.   I used to think about universalness in this way, through my faith.  We...
Falling Water Spirits

Finding Meaning

Life is full of the known and unknown. What could be more exciting than a life that is filled with ups and downs, the knowns and unknowns, and finding a meaning for your life and then following it. It makes no difference if your meaning  isn’t like what others are...
Never Look Back

Just What is an Artist?

I believe an artist is never just one of the sheep in a herd of sheep. An artist should never feel that they are one in many but rather, they are one within themselves. They should know they are an individual, unique and one of a kind.  If artists don’t...
The Healer

Getting Back to Unique

Aesthetic – the word aesthetic throughout art history has been highly debated because the meaning behind the word was beauty.  The question became, whose beauty. Which beauty was the most beautiful? In the 60’s, artists presented anything but a uniform understanding of aesthetic.  There was never the most beautiful –...
Sisyphus-On-The-Beach-Sarasota by Christine Alfery

Arts Value Part 3

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.  It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true and true science.  Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed.”  -Albert Einstein...
Swing by Christine Alfery

Is Objectivity in Art Possible?

Is Objectivity in Art Possible?   Can we eliminate all the senses and ever look at art objectively?  What is objective thought? Isn’t objective thought based on theoretical rules that have formed a truth?  Like 3-4=1? But then who makes up the rules? Who creates the theory that becomes a...
Jewels in the Water

Smooth Rocks from Lake Superior

Smooth rocks from Lake Superior carved by the waves of that powerful water.  A crystal clear cold water, always causes a little shiver to run through my body when I dig my toes into the sand and pebbles that line it’s shore.  That water is so powerful it naturally tumbles...
Traveling With Greenness and Blueness by Christine Alfery

Art and Our Reality

Art and Our Reality Personally, I can’t imagine a world without thinking differently, without creativity, and without the uniqueness of individuality.  I also cannot imagine a world from which I have no foundation to build from and trust.  Abstract art stretches us beyond a visible reality. Abstract art has always...
CA Fishing

Art Reflecting Life Reflecting Art

By Lisa Freedman Christine Alfery wears many hats. Living an inspiring life that inspires her art, her work reflects her life. And might I say she seems to excel in everything she endeavors to do. Wife, Mother, Artist, Writer, Poet, Teacher, Outdoorsman, Adventure seeker... On a recent trip to the...
National Juried Exhibition.   Arts In Harmony.  Elk River, MN.

Treasures from the Shore

Cabin Along the Shores of Lake Superior Walking back from the shores of Lake Superior my pocket filled with little treasures I found along the beach.  Each a precious jewel with their own character that caught my eye. Made me bend down and pick it up...

The Mysterious and The Imaginary

It's a Great Day to Play  Art for me needs to be filled with mystery and imagination. These two values that I place on art have been with me since childhood.  At the age of 6 I knew I wanted to be an artist. How did I know? I could...
Eagles Nest II

Art Tour Winners

Dear Lovers of Art, Thank you all for visiting me at my studio on the Northwoods Art Tour.  It was such a pleasure for me to talk with all of you and share my art with you.  You know you all are very special people - you art lovers you....
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