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Art Needs To Fill One With Wonder

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the Leigh Yawkey Woodsen Art Museum in Wausau, WI.  Their annual exhibition of Birds In Art was on display. My interest, like all other times when I go to see an exhibition, is to see how other artists create, speak and think.  Especially...
Swarm by Christine Alfery
Size: 8 x 8
Media: Watercolor on paper

My Process

My process is to plant a seed and allow it to germinate and take root.  This allows my thoughts and ideas to cross-fertilize and engage with each other and the material elements in the work.  I push these elements in my work in new directions over the entire process of...
The Night Sky Engulfs Her


I am overwhelmed when I look up and see the spectacle of the sky above me. In the morning and at night. Huge spaces filled with stars or clouds, silver grey, white. I am overwhelmed when I look up and see the spectacle of the sky. Art should, too, overwhelm...


The Wall Street Journal always has some very interesting reading in the arts section. On November 9th, 2019 Ingela Ratledge Asundson wrote an article titled “When It All Starts With Art”.  I would like to share it with you all. Generally, for the most part, folks share articles with others...
Bridge Over Troubled Waters sm

Old Growth V

There is something absolutely wonderful when I am walking in the woods and come across really large virgin trees. Yesterday, while we were hiking one of the trails to Rainbow Falls at Black River Harbor, we came across several groves of very large cedar and white pines. Just imagine living...
Critters and Yellow Birds Sharing a Nest By Christine Alfery


Chicago is called the “Windy City” but I couldn’t hear the wind this past weekend when I was there.  I couldn’t hear the snow landing on the rooftops of buildings.  Yesterday, when I was having my morning coffee outside in the cold all bundled up, I heard the wind.  It...
Rise Up by Christine Alfery, 2017 13 x 19 Mixed media

A Response to Artnet News magazine

The most recent Artnet News magazine has a cover story headline titled “Art As Industry.”  I ask, “Is art an industry? Should art be considered an industry?” In the past, there are those who believed that art would be compromised/ controlled if it was: created for money, controlled by what...
Sisyphus-On-The-Beach-Sarasota by Christine Alfery

The Seduction of Art

Should art re-imagine or imagine an idea? As an artist, viewer  or lover of art, should art seduce you? As an artist, what seduces you to the extent that you want to recreate/re-imagine it and use it? Is that what art is all about? Seduction? If an object can be...
Sail Boards In The Gulf - Sarasota

Selfishness Part 2

I was out to dinner with friends the other night when my girlfriend made a statement about something that we were talking about. Although I don’t remember what we were discussing, I do remember her statement. She said, “But you have to share to give to others. Everything can’t be...
On the Horizon Home

Selfishness Part I

Selfishness Part I   Should we be selfless as artists?  Should our work be selfless, non referential to who we are?  There are so many values and collectives who believe that selflessness is a virtue.  A virtue that a member of the group must strive for in order to get...
Once There Were Green Fields

Aesthetic Moment  

The wind is moving through the woods.  The trees are singing a wing song. Some of the notes are deep.  They sound like rushing water across rocks and pebbles in a mountain creek.  These deep notes are mingled with a rustling sound. It reminds me of the sound of sandpaper...
On My Way to the Circus

The Soul of Art

Does the work speak to your soul? What has happened to the idea that a person’s value (worth) is not gained through the networks she travels and associates with but, rather, a person’s value (worth) is what it is because of their own merit and for what they’ve done?  Why...
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