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Critters in the Water by Christine Alfery
Size: 8 x 8
Media: Watermedia on paper

Pausing Art History

Has the history of art stalled?  For as long as I can remember art history has moved the progress dial forward, challenging the historical assumptions linked to an art object, like method, media used, techniques, content, context and concept.  It challenged the how, what and where.  That has changed.  When...
sketch 1

At First Glimpse

At first glimpse, you know immediately it’s a work of real art.  And you are consumed with the desire to see more real art. It is original and unique. No more print shopping, no more trend shopping and no more color coordinating, those are no longer an option. Junk art,...
trails left behind

Leather Leggings

Standing in a crowd waiting for my vende vanilla latte from Starbucks to be made, I noticed there was another short person standing next to me.  People watching is something I really enjoy when I am in a situation like this. There was a very cute short person (female) standing...
Rise Up by Christine Alfery, 2017 13 x 19 Mixed media

Visual Speak

How do I speak in my work?  My visual vocabulary didn’t happen all at once.  The visual icons happened in spite of me. When they appear for the first time in my work, I recognize them and I nurture them.  I allow them to grow and form. They grow, they...
sketch 2

You Can Sometimes Be An Artist And Sometimes Not

Folks often ask me how long it takes for me to create a work of art.  I tell them, "All my life." You can never "sometimes" be an artist and "sometimes not."  I know because I've tried. Being an artist is really hard for many reasons. Compare it to becoming...
On Top Of The World_ 22x30

Value of Art

The value of art does not come from how popular the work of art is.  In fact,  it's likely that art looses its value when it is popularized.  So if art net news is correct saying that there is an art  industry, and I do believe they are,  how does...
Yellow Trees Blue Skies by Christine Alfery
Size:  14 x 14
Media: Watercolor on paper

How Do I Come Up With The Title of My Work?

Folks often ask how I come up with the titles of my work.  When I first began to paint, I thought that the titles and even my signature interfered with the essence of the selfness and purity of the work and what the work was to become and be.  The...
Cony Island Ride

Creating a Work of Art

Staring down at a blank canvas,  a black white sheet of paper, I notice a familiar tension gathering in my soul and in my body.  That first mark, is so important.   I relish this beginning tension.  It makes my whole body alive, awake and excited for the struggle that is...

Art Needs To Fill One With Wonder

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the Leigh Yawkey Woodsen Art Museum in Wausau, WI.  Their annual exhibition of Birds In Art was on display. My interest, like all other times when I go to see an exhibition, is to see how other artists create, speak and think.  Especially...
Swarm by Christine Alfery
Size: 8 x 8
Media: Watercolor on paper

My Process

My process is to plant a seed and allow it to germinate and take root.  This allows my thoughts and ideas to cross-fertilize and engage with each other and the material elements in the work.  I push these elements in my work in new directions over the entire process of...
The Night Sky Engulfs Her


I am overwhelmed when I look up and see the spectacle of the sky above me. In the morning and at night. Huge spaces filled with stars or clouds, silver grey, white. I am overwhelmed when I look up and see the spectacle of the sky. Art should, too, overwhelm...


The Wall Street Journal always has some very interesting reading in the arts section. On November 9th, 2019 Ingela Ratledge Asundson wrote an article titled “When It All Starts With Art”.  I would like to share it with you all. Generally, for the most part, folks share articles with others...