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 Best Of Show Midwest Abstract.  Southside Art League.  Indianapolis, IN.

Aesthetic Moment 212

The Way Out   An abstract work of art is unpredictable not only for the artist as she creates the work, but also for the viewer when they become engaged with the work.   Conceptual abstract work for me is not based on a moral value, that...

Fresh Art

Julie Near confirms the paint is dry on a painting she's considering purchasing which contemporary artists Christine Alfery had just completed during the Northwoods Art Tour on Sunday, July 28th, at Alfery's home studio in Lac Du Flambeau.
48x54 Acrylic on Canvas

Aesthetic Moment 211

Northwoods, 48x54 Acrylic on Canvas How different the sounds a squirrel makes in the woods when traveling from tree top to tree top.  First the leaves ripple and make a sound like the wind, and then it stops way more abruptly than the wind. And starts again.  Then there is...
Mixed Media 11 x 15

Aesthetic Moment 210

Wind wind cruises by leaves quiver, twirling, uplifted solid shaded grey mass clouds above drift foretelling rain birds songs explode quiet of the morning daylight wonderfully gloriously alive

Aesthetic Moment 209

Reaching for the Sunrise The air is thick Sky vibrant a glow Trees stirred swirling, soft wind Sun rising
30" x 42"
Mixed Media On Paper

Aesthetic Moment 208 – To See to Hear

She Leaves, 30x42 Mixed Media on Paper Aesthetic Moment 208 To See to Hear The leaves quiver, twirl are uplifted as the winds caresses them again the background of a solid shaded grey mass of clouds drifting above. Birds song explode in the quiet of early morning. Everything is wonderfully,...

Aesthetic Moment 207 – To See

Flowers from My Garden Purple, 12x12 Watermedia on paper To see something.  Purple, pink, lupus – against rusty orange, gamboge yellow lilies and fuchsia, red, coral inpatients. Summer garden glowing. Planting flowers in a garden is like planting colors in a painting.  The colors delight our eyes, trigger our sight...

Stretching Your Mind When Creating

Horizon, 12x2 Watermedia on paper “ A mind that is stretched to a new idea never returns to its original dimension.”  Oliver Wendel Holmes Have you ever asked yourself how did I come to this thought, this place?  This space I am currently in? For example how did I come...
Finding Our Way

Fluidity and God

Finding Our Way, 30x40   In Gods dimension. Is like Paint blending,  joining, becoming one,  changing.  Is this not another dimension?   This fluidity Could this be where God is In this dimension? This joining, Becoming one Changing?

Art and Truth

Emerge, 22x30 watercolor on clayboard Art and Truth Earlier in one of my blog posts about technology and art I state that I was not searching for a truth in art.  I think like most things I do, I jump to that idea without thinking about what is truth? In...
On the Horizon

Passion and Art

On The Horizon, 30 x 40, mixed water media on paper   Arts need to be passionate.  Art needs to be extravagant.  And by that I don’t mean expensive. Art needs to spring from the irrepressible, uncontrolled, ungoverned. Art needs to be extraordinary.   Art needs to be unpretentious, filled with...

Should Art Be Serious?

Can art be serious?  Can art take itself seriously?  If art is to be taken seriously should art have similar properties say,  as science which seems to always be taken seriously?   I believe the playground of art has many of the properties of science but art also has properties that...
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