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banana 2

Banana Part 2

"A banana is worth more than us' : Maurizio Cattelan's $120k fruit art has sparked an uprising among Miami's overpaid janitors" - Art World Buyers of Maurizio Cattelan's $120,000 Banana defend the work as 'the unicorn of the art world,' comparing it to Warhol's soup cans" - Art World Art...

Banana Part 1

Banana Part I Have you heard about the banana duct taped to the wall at Art Basel?  Yes, a banana was duct taped to the wall. While at Basel, my daughter and I became one of the many in a crowd of folks who stood in line to have our...
Flying Circus

Imagination Feeds The Soul

Art needs to reveal something alive.  Art needs to fertilize the imagination.  The imagination feeds the soul. The soul asks questions, discovers, and explores.  Art, the process of creating, is life itself.
Sunshine And Rainbows


America is about freedom.  America is about independence.  America is about individualism. America is about not allowing others to do for you what you can do for yourself. So how ever did the notion of freedom become linked with not figuring things out by yourself? The notion of being an...
Cony Island Ride

Pausing Art History II

In looking for the next stand out movement to write about in the art history books, many art historians have latched on to the concept of a postmodern movement.  And, they have defined that postmodern movement as different from modernism, mainly though collective designs and collaborations of an art work....
Alfery_Christine_Connections II

The Value of Art Has Changed

No wonder the value of art has changed.  No wonder there have been art industries popping up all over.   How can anyone be sure what they are buying is a “real work of art?”  First, you need to ask the question, “What is a real work of art?” If you...
Critters in the Water by Christine Alfery
Size: 8 x 8
Media: Watermedia on paper

Pausing Art History

Has the history of art stalled?  For as long as I can remember art history has moved the progress dial forward, challenging the historical assumptions linked to an art object, like method, media used, techniques, content, context and concept.  It challenged the how, what and where.  That has changed.  When...
sketch 1

At First Glimpse

At first glimpse, you know immediately it’s a work of real art.  And you are consumed with the desire to see more real art. It is original and unique. No more print shopping, no more trend shopping and no more color coordinating, those are no longer an option. Junk art,...
trails left behind

Leather Leggings

Standing in a crowd waiting for my vende vanilla latte from Starbucks to be made, I noticed there was another short person standing next to me.  People watching is something I really enjoy when I am in a situation like this. There was a very cute short person (female) standing...
Rise Up by Christine Alfery, 2017 13 x 19 Mixed media

Visual Speak

How do I speak in my work?  My visual vocabulary didn’t happen all at once.  The visual icons happened in spite of me. When they appear for the first time in my work, I recognize them and I nurture them.  I allow them to grow and form. They grow, they...
sketch 2

You Can Sometimes Be An Artist And Sometimes Not

Folks often ask me how long it takes for me to create a work of art.  I tell them, "All my life." You can never "sometimes" be an artist and "sometimes not."  I know because I've tried. Being an artist is really hard for many reasons. Compare it to becoming...
On Top Of The World_ 22x30

Value of Art

The value of art does not come from how popular the work of art is.  In fact,  it's likely that art looses its value when it is popularized.  So if art net news is correct saying that there is an art  industry, and I do believe they are,  how does...