Poems and Pieces Portfolio

22" x 30"
Mixed Media On Paper

Spring’s Kisses

"Crocus" 22" x 30" - Mixed Media On Paper spring doesn't know what time it is she arrives glorious when...

the painting is but paint

the painting is but paint the sculpture is but clay music is but notes the sunrise is but the sun...
The Song She Sings

The Song She Sings

singing soul Christine Alfery standing along wilderness before me the strength power beauty and most of all enrichment in my...
The Magic Of Fireflies

The Magic Of Fireflies

 30x60 2015 Magical Landscapes Series can i be excused? she asks not waiting for a reply scampering off grabbing a...

1000×1000 yes yes yes….es

… wonder anywhere … over there up ward pierce tangled todays journeys embraced … search dancing inky black skies step...