For my journey in Costa Rica this year I brought paper I have never used. Smooth very fine 300#.  It’s a very tough paper to paint on. Extremely challenging. It’s very difficult to get something I can call “finished.” This piece,  “Beach Sand,” has about twenty layers of paint on it. There’s a lot of texture in it because of the layers. I think I can finally stop working on it because I’ve completely obliterated the smooth paper. It shows how powerful being comfortable is and how uncomfortable the challenge is to conquer.


Reds, blues, yellows 

  Tuxedo birds

Striped dotted 

Birds birds birds

  Singing every morning


Big sky

  Big water


Many many blues


So many teals 

  Different teals

Never duplicated



Shades al all


Fish, fish, fish

  Lime green


  Phalo real


  Deep blue






The colors are


The colors are 



 Life is 


I could easily get used to this life.


Big water

Big sky


Color color ever.