Preface: Change

I was blogging about change when everything in the world suddenly changed.


I didn’t do it on purpose, I swear, but just as I finished my blogs on change . . . everything in the world began to change.  So much change, so much uncertainty, and all if it so quickly – it leaves us unsettled, seeking stasis, hoping for things to “get back to normal”.  Most of us would agree, especially today, that change can be a scary. Right now we are all driving down the road of the unknown, seeking signs for what is ahead, but no one can predict the future with certainty – so we are left on the roller coaster ride of endless change.   


It isn’t easy trying to travel the roads of change.  It reminds me that I am so grateful to have my life, my family, and my friends.  It reminds me of what is important. It reminds me to tell them that I would drop everything in a moment if there would be a possibility I could help in anyway – just let me know.  It reminds me to tell loved ones how I feel. It reminds me to extend warm and loving thoughts to everyone on this road – that is all of us. Including you.  


A friend of mine posted this recently:


Isn’t that beautiful – just beautiful.  


In the next few blog posts I talk about change.  Although my blogs are written with a focus on the visual arts, they apply to what is happening today. The way we look at things now may not be the way we look at things someday in the future – once the uncertainty and fear are in the past, once things “get back to normal”, once we finally get to the end of this road.  My hopes are as Kitty O’Meara suggests, at the end of the road will be healing, that art will be a healing source, and that we may all gather together at the end of the road focused on the beauty in the world.