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Searching For Golden Nuggets


Size: 22 x 30

Media: Acrylic on Paper

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Robert Burridge Experimental Acrylic/Mixed Media Award.   Juried National Exhibition.  “Golden Nuggets.” Western Federation Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition.

Acclaimed juror Kathleen Conover said of the work,

Golden Nuggets has a lot of different techniques – line, color, texture. It’s very fun and expressive.

A statement from the Artist:
I started this work during the 2018 Northwoods Art Tour. When I began, this was a black and rusty color figure on watercolor paper that I had a sketch of and was trying to figure out how to make it work like I had envisioned. I kept thinking,  “I don’t like this piece, I don’t like the way it is going.  I should just toss it.”   Well, I didn’t toss it and just kept working on it until it’s meaning changed entirely for me.  Somewhere along the way the figure got lost, then the original colors also got covered and it became a very very different work.  Ah the freedom of an artist.